About Us

We're a creative production company with an unmatched expertise in global video creation and brand experiences. What makes us unique is our talented roster of directors and global network of 500+ content creators located on the ground across 150+ countries. We’ve carefully curated and vetted our global network of talented directors, cinematographers, photographers, producers and technical specialists. Since opening our doors in 2012, we’ve created content and brand experiences around the world that have connected with consumers in authentic ways that drove results.

500+ content creators spread across 150+ countries.
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Social media and technology have forever changed what it means to build a brand. The old advertising and production models can no longer keep up with the insatiable appetite of the social feed. Intrusive advertising will also continue to be less effective as people remain in control of being able to avoid advertising. This significant shift requires an entirely new model for brand building. It requires a streamlined and nimble approach to creating content that people will actually choose to watch and share. An intense focus on crafting stories and participatory brand experiences that act as the emotional glue to create deeper connections with your consumers. The name Co.MISSION stands for collaborative mission, because we believe that what it takes to win in this new world is brands and nimble storytellers coming together to engage consumers in authentic ways that drive results.

Our Work

We create content and brand experiences using our roster of directors and global network of 500+ content creators spread across 150+ countries. Our leadership team headquartered in NYC and LA leads each project to ensure quality control and results.

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 Dezi Catarino   |   Los Angeles

Harrison Winter   |   NYC + CHS      

   Jason Oppliger   |   Los Angeles     

Jérémie Geffard   |   NYC                  

           Lio Muñoz   |   Santiago, Chile 

   Marc Morera   |   Barcelona      

Martijn Doornenbal   |   Netherlands           

Nils Clauss   |   Seoul       

Xavier Cunilleras   |   Mexico City       

Cinematographers and Producers

We have a wide range of cinematographers, cinematographer / director hybrids and producers across 150+ countries with specialties in documentary, experiential / stunt, live event, visual storytelling, product focused, instructional, fashion and beauty.

Global Collaboration Model

Our approach to creating content around the world is a lot like making a meal. Our Co.MISSION leadership team in NYC and Los Angeles, along with our roster of directors, acts as the Head Chef who prepares the recipe. We then brief our Sous Chefs around the world with the recipe, leverage their local knowledge and ask them to go out into the world to capture local ingredients and ship them back to us. We review all ingredients captured and use only the absolute best to create an amazing and authentic meal. From there, we get the meal out to customers in the most efficient and effective way possible.


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