Brandon Bloch

Brandon is a versatile commercial, documentary and integrated campaign director that has worked with major global brands and celebrity talent. His latest work utilizes choreographed camera movements, physical talent movements and match cuts to give physical spaces a sense of story and emotion. Brandon also gained recognition through his earlier viral work that sparked conversation through well-timed cultural commentary.



Brandon Bloch BW

Brandon gained wide recognition in 2014 when he hacked his way into SXSW with a hoax called LIVR. Brandon created a fake app / social network with the proposition that it could only be accessed by blowing a high enough blood alcohol level into your phone’s breathalyzer.  He concepted the hoax and directed the brand video / integrated marketing campaign that fooled festival attendees and online viewers. It was done as a social commentary about the current tech frenzy and proved how gullible the media can be by getting it picked up as a real tech story by publishers like Gizmodo, Mashable, CNN, USA Today, Engadget and many others.


In his directorial work for William Reue Architecture, Brandon developed a new creative vision by weaving together intricate cinematography and the storytelling power of dance to let viewers see living spaces in a whole new way. The 4-minute film explores a $12 Million townhouse in Greenwich Village by following ballet dancers through a kinetic struggle of love and loss. Shot in 6K on the latest prototype steadicam equipment, the camera moves are literally choreographed to accomplish a single-take effect similar to the film “Birdman”.


He applied this approach when he concepted and directed a similar style for Hotel Indigo’s campaign – The Color Of Discovery – where he used choreographed camera movements and match cuts to show how each of the brand’s unique hotels are influenced by their local neighborhoods. The full campaign can be seen here.


Brandon’s latest personal project, a film called “Erosion”, won Best Documentary Short at the Lower East Side Film Festival and was selected as a Vimeo Staff Pick. He directed the film while living in Brooklyn, where he noticed the landscape shifting around him. The city he moved to for artistic experimentation and a “color outside the lines” attitude was quickly being replaced by restrictive rules and million-dollar luxury condos. As he saw it, this resulting erosion in culture was best illustrated by the Showtime dancers who he always thought best embodied the carefree New York spirit…but who will now get arrested if they’re caught dancing on the subway.


His five part video series for Aria Resort and Casino is filled with vibrant and cohesive art direction to highlight the brand’s unique services and amenities. The social campaign also included a series of posters to be used on-property.


Brandon has also created strong documentary pieces for Starbucks, Renaissance Hotels and BKLYNTERIORS. In 2013, Brandon acted as DP on the MTV series “Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life”. He was allowed unfiltered access to the life of a rockstar as he was embedded on her European and U.S. tours and also followed her on shark diving excursions in the Bahamas and grizzly tracking in Alaska.


The strength of Brandon’s work is informed by the fact that he made his way into directing as a producer, cinematographer and editor for the U.S. State Department under the Obama Administration. He was a founding member of an elite team responsible for communicating the country’s values to an international youth audience through emerging and social media. In all, he created over 25 short documentaries that covered topics like entrepreneurship and freedom of expression which were distributed across every social platform, TV and embassies worldwide.


Brandon is based in NYC / Austin and travels worldwide as a director.