Dezi Catarino

Dezi has a knack for getting close to the action and becoming engrained with subjects in a way that lets viewers feel like they’re part of the experience. Over the years, he has honed an expertise in episodic web series which can be seen in his directorial work for the NFL, Secret, Ben and Jerry’s, TOMS and Easton.



Dezi made his way into directing as the cinematographer and lead editor on projects for Red Bull, Jay Z’s Life + Times, Jaguar, Vogue and Vitamin Water.  More recently he has been producing a TV show “After The Raves” set to air on the Red Bull TV network in Spring 2016.


Dezi is a 3 time Webby Honoree and his work has been featured in Adweek, VIBE, Complex, Mashable and Hypebeast.


When he’s not working, Dezi can be found documenting the life of his son, Ziggy, frame by frame.