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Top-tier filmmakers + friends and family as talent + access to locations + social distancing + creative consulting.


Hometeam is a highly curated global community of owner-operator filmmakers ready, willing, and able to create impactful content close to home with camera-friendly family and friends, all while following social distancing guidelines. Each filmmaker was hand-picked from the combined global networks of Co.MISSION Content Group and Magic Seed Productions for their high level of talent and ability to deliver commercial-grade content while working remotely.


Since the beginning of quarantine, we’ve created content for:





Hometeam was recently featured on Shoot Online.

A Global Community of Top-Tier Filmmakers: 



> 75+ professional filmmakers with experience in commercial and cinema production.

> Styles ranging from documentary to UGC, lifestyle, automotive, tabletop, food, product, episodic TV and feature films.

> Located in 20+ states and 20+ countries – Covering a broad range of settings (from snowy mountains to sandy beaches, rural and urban).

> Owner-Operators with cinema-grade cameras, drones, lenses, and support equipment at the ready.

> Cinematographer / directors experienced filming as one-person-bands and with very small crews to make a lot with a little.

> Every Hometeam filmmaker is someone that we have years of experience collaborating with.

> An authentic, ethnically diverse, and camera-ready community of real-people talent.

> Remote post-production, editorial, VFX, and finishing.



Production Approach:


> We’ve created a proprietary database to quickly search our network of filmmakers, their locations, family, friends and co-habitants, talents/hobbies.

> We help you match the best team and talent to your creative brief.

> Working remotely, we collaborate with your team to scale our production approach based on what’s possible during this new normal.

> Remote Video Village: Our shoots are directed remotely via livestream allowing your team to beam in from the comfort of your own home office (no traveling required).

> Safety First: We abide by all national, state, and local social-distancing guidelines and ensure that all equipment is sanitized and precautionary measures are followed.  In the USA, we follow the new AICP COVID guidelines.

> Co.Mission and Magic Seed carry above industry standard production insurance and workers comp insurance.



With Hometeam as your global crew, we don’t see creative constraints, we see new creative possibilities. As creative directors, directors and executive producers with deep experience in content production, our team is available as creative advisors to help adapt your creative to what is currently possible in production.


For campaigns needing larger scale productions beyond the owner-operator filmmaker approach, we scale up with additional crew members, gear and talent in states and countries where expanded crew sizes are becoming possible again. Given our national and global coverage, we’re in tune with how each state and country around the world is evolving to open up new production possibilities.

We’re grateful to be working during this time of immense change.

Our goal is to continue making things, telling great stories, and provide work to our global community of creative friends.  


A portion of Hometeam production fees will be donated to the Freelancer’s Relief Fund, setup by Working Today and Freelancers Union to provide grants to freelancers experiencing economic hardship or health crisis as a result of COVID-19.

Hometeam by Co.MISSION and Magic Seed


Get in touch (but at a safe social distance, of course) and let’s keep creating together.