Jason Oppliger

Jason simplifies complexity to engage audiences in unsuspecting ways. His work leverages experience and observation revealing that what’s most interesting might be right behind the thing we’re supposed to be looking at. Whether that happens to be a Chevy driven by an indie-folk band, road-tripping to Jackson Pollock’s studio or how the push of a button has the power to give another person the new organ they desperately need. His work often has a sense of observation built from the inside, a connection to the camera equipped generation, a notion of the liberated lens.

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Jason made his way into directing through producing reality TV, where he worked with various celebrities during guest appearances with Vivica A. Fox on Hot Miami Listings and Kelly Ripa on Jerseylicious.  This background provides him with a keen practicality and efficient creative eye when it comes to directing experiential brand stunts. His experiential work includes co-directing “Cabvertising” for Newcastle beer and directing #HyattAllIn. Jason has also created and directed branded content for Chevy and wrote/directed the brand launch for Misfit Wearables that raised over $850k for their first product.


Jason also makes films and installation pieces engaging with the digital ephemerality of modern experience. His short films and documentaries have played at various festivals including: SXSW, The Vail Film Festival, San Francisco Frozen Film Festival, microCINEMA 2015, and The Thin Line Documentary Film Festival. Jason received his MFA from Duke University in The Experimental and Documentary Arts and was an instructor at Duke in the Arts of the Moving Image Program and a Visiting Lecturer at UNC Chapel Hill.


When not making art, Jason channels his creative energies toward commercial enterprises so he can drink wine and eat oysters.  Jason is based in Los Angeles.