Matty Brown

Matty’s visual storytelling is marked by his signature style of quick cuts, in-camera motion and emotional / imaginative moments that have made him one of the most “Staff Picked” artists on Vimeo.

CoMission Content Matty Brown - Square

Matty is an Emmy-nominated filmmaker based in Seattle, Washington and travels the world for various creative projects: documentaries, music videos, commercials, museum installations, art films and travel/tourism productions. Matty is now writing, directing, editing and producing shorts and full length features.


Coming from very humble beginnings, Matty had to learn to think creatively and maximize whatever filmmaking tools he could find. He subsequently developed a unique shooting and editing style that is intimated over and over again in his travel films. You can hear more of his inspiring story through his latest video for Samsung’s The Connected Series. His work has been featured in various media like the New York Times, CBS News, 60 Minutes, and The Atlantic Magazine. Matty has been commended by multiple governments / country ambassadors and his work has been screened at film festivals all over the world.


Outside of filmmaking, Matty loves exploring the outdoors, embarking on travel adventures, playing with dogs, gardening, volunteering for charity causes, listening to orchestras, experiencing and understanding other cultures and going to the movies.