An Ode to Movement Shot across NYC, Sao Paulo, South Africa, Egypt, Nepal, Beijing and Australia.

An Ode To Movement is a jam-packed visual and audio story of real, authentic moments captured by local filmmakers around the world for a new activity tracker called Misfit Shine. It boiled down Misfit Shine’s core story to one word, Movement. So we asked our content creators to capture shots across seven countries to help us communicate that moving is living. We distributed “An Ode To Movement” across 14 Vimeo groups, YouTube, BuzzFeed, Chill, Daily Motion, Fubiz, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, High Existence, Behance and fitness forums. It was picked up by 4 Vimeo Channels, the Vimeo Tumblr blog and other blogs such as Laughing Squid, The Egotist, The Curious Brain, Infinity List, Wonderjunkie, Expresso, Et Voila,, Onetikk, PFG Design, Nostalgia For The Future and was viewed by people in over 120 countries.


Executive Produced by Harrison Winter, written and directed by Jason Oppliger, editing and post production by Michael Marantz.


Co.MISSION’s role:  Concept development, creative direction to set the vision for shooting style, as well as curation and selection of cinematographers from the Co.MISSION network to ensure similar aesthetic styles that would work well together in the edit. Management of all local teams across the seven cities, including video chats to align each team prior to filming. Camera and lens selection, picture style settings and shot list, on-camera direction, cinematography, location scouting / selection, casting, securing camera gear, permitting, insurance, release forms / photos, production guidelines to ensure consistent footage organization and customs classification for shipping of hard drives. Editing, post production and video distribution.  Local cinematographer and producer names available upon request.


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