Google Android “Young Together” Filmed across 14 countries.

We were asked to tell a global story of how Android helps over a billion people on different screens to do their thing, their way. Filming was conducted in the USA, South Africa, Turkey, India, South Korea, Mexico, Singapore, Nepal, China, Japan, Brazil, France, Spain and Peru. 


Executive Produced by Harrison Winter of Co.MISSION, directed by Josh Nussbaum of m ss ng p eces, cinematography and local production / direction by the Co.MISSION network across 14 countries (director names and global crew info available upon request).  The global teams were overseen by Dan Tundis, Gaby Tamariz and Thompson Brandes of Co.MISSION.   


Co.MISSION’s Role: Curation, selection and management of filmmaker teams across 14 countries from the Co.MISSION network in just 2 weeks of pre-production. Concepting of shot ideas by each local Co.MISSION team across 14 countries. The Co.MISSION team also gave creative direction to select cinematographers with a consistent aesthetic style to ensure footage from all 14 teams would tell a cohesive story in the final edit. For quality control, our team had multiple video chats and created detailed production guidelines to align each team prior to filming. All filming and direction of real people across 14 countries was led by the Co.MISSION team to capture authentic, real moments. Sourcing of real people and locations in each country to be on camera to ensure authenticity. Unified camera selection for all filmmakers around the world, securing gear, global production insurance, sound, release forms and matching release forms to release photos, production logistic documents to ensure all hard drives and files were organized and labeled in a consistent way across every city, transcoding all footage locally, shipping of hard drives and customs classification to ensure the drives cleared quickly through customs.




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