Hyatt “Open Doors”

We produced, shot and directed this activation for Hyatt in collaboration with Rokkan. All footage was shot by our talented cinematographers and line producers on one single day across London, Hong Kong, New Orleans and Chicago.


Directed and Executive Produced by Harrison Winter. Local cinematographer and producer names available upon request.


Co.MISSION’s role:  Creative direction to set the vision for shooting style, as well as shot list development, curation and selection of cinematographers from the Co.MISSION network to ensure similar aesthetic styles that would work well together in the edit. Management of all local teams across the four cities, including video chats to align each team prior to filming. Camera and lens selection, picture style settings, on-camera direction, location scouting / selection, mapping of entire on-foot activation “path” (location-to-location plan for the activation day), content capture / filming, securing camera gear, permitting, insurance, release forms / photos, production guidelines to ensure consistent footage organization and customs classification for shipping of hard drives and client calls with the agency and Hyatt to prep the Hyatt associates prior to the activation and helping them get comfortable with being on camera.


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