The Human Passion Project Shot in South Africa, Japan, Afghanistan, LA, Beijing, Rome and Jordan.

An NYC start-up,, needed a way to get the word out for the public launch of their beta platform. Circcle is an interest-based network built to help people connect with others who share their same passion in life. We asked some of our filmmakers across 5 continents to help us capture human passion on a global scale. The video drove numerous blog and digital publication write-ups including F*cking Good Ideas and One Small Seed. It was also featured the Vimeo World HD channel and on the homepage of a new filmmaker platform,


Directed, executive produced and edited by Harrison Winter.


Co.MISSION’s role:  Concept, script development, messaging, creative direction, direction, cinematography, shot list, editing and post production. Management of all teams across seven countries, including the curation and selection of cinematographers with similar aesthetic styles to ensure footage would work well together in the edit.  Video distribution and blogger outreach.


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