Weight Watchers’ First Global Campaign

Agency:  Translation
Production and Post-Production:  Co.MISSION
Lead Director and Executive Producer:  Harrison Winter
Executive Producer (and Prop Supervisor of DJ Khaled TV Spot):  Kris L. Young
Producer and Post-Supervisor:  Dan Tundis
Co-Director and DP of ANZ Films:  Sarah Hickey and Josh Mitchell-Frey
Co-Director / DP of France Film With Hélène Ségara:  Antoine Carpentier
Co-Director / DP of Germany Films:  Michael Jörg
Co-Director / DP of UK Film:  Ben Cox
Director and DP of DJ Khaled TV Spot:  Damien Drake and Michael Dwyer
Field Producers:  Brendon Schaufert, Jessica Pearce, Rémy Solomon, Richard Carter, Esteban Frost, Monster and Bear, Video Skillz, Cinevision and Progress Film.
Post-Production:  Kim Pellnat, Mathew Mulholland, Kevin Oliver, Dominic Bracco, Andy Herrera, Josh Kanuck and Peter Amante.
Post-Production For DJ Khaled TV Spot:  Final Cut, Color Collective and Significant Others.


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